What is the rapture?

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What is your viewpoint on the rapture?

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question What is the rapture?

Post by Castle on Fri May 25, 2018 6:40 am

The rapture is an event in which those of us who are God's children are instantly taken to heaven.

For the church this event is the fulfilment of the great promise of incorruptible bodies as those of us taken will instantly receive a glorified body (just like Jesus) and take part in what is called  The marriage supper of The Lamb.

When is it suppose to occur? No one knows the exact date and time but  a search of scriptures reveals that it will be close to a period in time that is called The Tribulation period.

The tribulation period or day of wrath will last approximately seven years. It is during this time that the anti-christ  will rise and force people to take his mark.  The mark he forces people to take is commonly called the mark of the beast and those who take his mark are eternally lost. It should be noted that since the nemesis of all mankind will be in control during this short period that it is highly probable that anyone who is a Christian will have to literally die for their faith.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what the rapture and the tribulation period are I will now explain the various viewpoints about the rapture.

There are a total of 5 main viewpoints on the rapture and they are as follows:

1. Pre-tribulation rapture
2. Mid-tribulation rapture
3. Post-tribulation rapture
4. No Rapture
5. Don't know

I will now explain each of these viewpoints in detail below.

Pre-Tribulation Rapture

This viewpoint is commonly called pre-trib.  Those who are pre-trib believe that the church will be taken out before the tribulation period.

Mid-Tribulation Rapture

This viewpoint is commonly called mid-trib.  Those who are mid-trib believe that the church will be taken out in the middle or 3.5 years after the tribulation starts.

Post Tribulation Rapture

This viewpoint is commonly called post-trib.  Those who are post-trib believe that the church will not be taken out at all but must endure to the end of tribulation period.

No Rapture

This viewpoint is commonly called no-trib.  This viewpoint is held by those who have heard and do not believe that there is a rapture.

Don't Know

This viewpoint is held by those who don't know anything about it and therefore have no basis to form any kind of opinion.

Here is an interesting video about the rapture.  There are more videos available online but I found that this one best explains what the rapture is from an "Earthly" viewpoint.


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