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red star Points and Ranks

Post by Rev on Thu Apr 12, 2018 5:43 pm


Points are gained for each post you make and for using the private messaging system. 
For all forums except the nuts and bolts forum you will receive 5 points for creating a topic
and 2 points for replying to a topic.  For the nuts and bolts forum you will only receive 1 point for creating and replying to topics.


Ranks are gained by the number of posts you have made.  They are as follows:

Number of PostsRank TitleImage
0Not PostedPoints and Ranks Notpos10
1New MemberPoints and Ranks 1010
10Jr MemberPoints and Ranks 2510
50MemberPoints and Ranks 5010
100MemberPoints and Ranks 10010
200MemberPoints and Ranks 20010
300MemberPoints and Ranks 30010
400MemberPoints and Ranks 40010
500Senior MemberPoints and Ranks 50010
750Senior MemberPoints and Ranks 75010
1000+Pillar of The CommunityPoints and Ranks 100010

Special Ranks

Some members have special ranks which are not listed above but are as follows:
Administrators will have a full red bar for their rank image.
Moderators will have a full green bar for their rank image.
Valued members will have a full blue bar for their rank image.

Points : 5109

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